AliExpress is an online marketplace created by Alibaba.com. On AliExpress, buyers from
more than 200 countries and regions order items in bulk or one at a time — all at low
wholesale prices. They now feature more than One hundred million products supplied by
more than 200,000 Chinese exporters and manufacturers.


Establishing an AliExpress account is free, and couldn’t be easier. You can browse to your
heart’s content and spend as much time as you need learning your way around before
committing to anything. The AliExpress interface is simple and familiar. You’ll feel right at
home while browsing the listings, which are filled with everything you’ll need to shop.
That includes loads of pictures, shipping information, seller feedback ratings and
comments from past customers. The integration is very successful, and shopping on
AliExpress will feel like you’re browsing the stores in your own neighborhood.


AliExpress works very hard to create a safe and secure marketplace. Millions of people
have completed successful and satisfying purchases on the site, and we’ve talked to many
sellers who say the international sourcing giant actually made their businesses possible.
But, once you’re on AliExpress, you are dealing with an individual seller, and that always
means you should test the waters carefully.


You shouldn’t find language to be much of an issue. Sure, you’ll find some fractured
English in some of the listings, but the manufacturers on the site are generally
experienced in dealing with international customers and many have fluent English-
speakers on staff. That allows you to ask the questions you need to ask, and communicate
with your prospective partners until you feel secure that you’re entering into a good


AliExpress includes payment through escrow. You can pay for your order with Visa or
MasterCard, or you can stick with PayPal. Either way, your payment is held in an escrow
account until you receive the product and verify that you are satisfied. Once you do, then
the supplier gets paid. That takes a lot of the risk out of giving international product
sourcing a try.

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